Saltford Cottage Extensive Renovation and Floor Plan Alterations

Transforming a Heritage Gem into a Thoughtful Family Home

This charming cottage, while brimming with historical charm, presented its fair share of challenges. We embarked on a mission to transform this property into a modern haven, carefully preserving its heritage while seamlessly integrating modern living spaces.

The initial layout was muddled, confusing, and even posed safety concerns. Our clear brief was to create a home with four bedrooms within the existing cottage form, all while adhering to the client’s budget.

We addressed these floorplan issues, crafting a safe, compliant home across three floors. Adapting the spaces to meet modern regulations proved to be a significant undertaking, especially within the confines of this historic structure.

To accommodate the client’s needs and budget, we employed a phased approach. This allowed them to enjoy a safe and functional home while the remaining renovations could be completed gradually over time. This approach enabled the clients to plan and save for future phases while still making tangible progress towards their dream home.

This phased approach yielded an unexpected and delightful bonus: the creation of “in-between” spaces that embody the harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity. These delightful nooks include a stunning hallway with a tall pink coat store, a home office tucked beneath the stairs, and a library carved out of the unique property boundaries.

Even within the confines of the cottage, we seamlessly incorporated modern amenities, including a ground-floor WC and a separate utility room and ensuring the kitchen remains the heart of the home, dedicated to cooking, dining, and social gatherings.

The final layout stands as a testament to the interplay between the existing house, its challenging form, and the client’s aspirations. This dynamic juxtaposition birthed an array of unique and charming spaces that seamlessly blend old and new, creating a truly exceptional family home.

"We cannot recommend Verity enough, she has given us so much useful advice and made what could have been a very difficult process fun and enjoyable!"

★★★★★ Client Review:

“Verity is a fantastic architect. She’s conscientious, organised and will take you through the process in a very clear and manageable way. She listens to what you want and makes sure she is clear on the brief before starting any drawings. We gave her a difficult project, to rethink the layout of an old cottage that had been extended in various different directions over the years. Her enthusiasm for the project was really encouraging, and the design she came up with really makes good use of the space and has made the most of the light. Our contractors have remarked on the high quality of Verity’s drawing and how useful they’ve been for them in planning how to proceed with the project. We cannot recommend Verity enough, she has given us so much useful advice and made what could have been a very difficult process fun and enjoyable!

Love Renovate: Alex T.


Photo Credit: Pete Helme