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Verity Lacey

Architect | ARB

BSc (Hons), MArch (Hons), PG Cert (Merit)  |  RIBA I, II & III

Certified Passive House Designer

I am an experienced and passionate architect with a proven track record of delivering exceptional architectural solutions for homeowners and families.

Trained at Bath University (Architecture BSc and Masters of Architecture), I have a wealth of experience working in both small and large architectural practices. Having established my own small architectural business in 2017, I now specialize in adapting, extending and renovating existing houses to meet the specific needs of families.

I relish the challenge of creating functional and beautiful spaces that enhance the lives of those who live in them. Thriving on close collaboration with clients and other consultants, I approach each project with dedication, finding joy in the design process from small details to large features. I am adept at adapting different houses, each unique, to family’s specific needs, whether it involves an extension, renovation, or adaptation.

My extensive personal hands-on experience in home renovations, extensions, and large-scale home projects has provided me with a high level of practical experience in DIY. This first-hand understanding of construction’s practicalities allows me to effectively guide you and gain an on-the-ground insight into completing the work.

Passionate about my profession and the architectural puzzles posed by existing homes, I see each project as a unique Rubik’s Cube. The brief, budget, existing house, clients, and context form the colours on the cube. I am driven by the satisfying moment when the design just “clicks” and everything slots into place. A challenge that demands spatial awareness, logic, psychology, building understanding, and practicalities in order to solve the brief.

Enthusiastic and excited about each project, I find joy in design, from small details to large features. Dedicating my full efforts, I am committed to delivering the best possible results for my clients.

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