Homeowner Sustainability Extension Guide

Homeowner Sustainability – Practical Choices and Informed Decisions:


At Lacey Architecture, we are firmly committed to integrating sustainability into our residential architectural practice, embracing a pragmatic and achievable approach that transcends superficial “bolt-on” solutions. Our architectural designs are not mere additions to the landscape; they are harmonious extensions of the environment, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural elements.

Sustainability is not an afterthought in our design process; it is an integral thread woven throughout every stage of remodelling, renovation or extending. We prioritise optimal daylight access, maximizing the natural light that enters the building, while employing strategic measures to prevent overheating, ensuring comfortable and energy-efficient living spaces.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond adherence to minimum standards. We exceed the construction industry’s requirements for wall, floor and roof insulation, ensuring that our structures are well-protected from the elements and maintain stable internal temperatures. When renovating existing homes, we advocate design solutions for comprehensive improvements that enhance the overall sustainability of the structure, transforming them into energy-efficient havens.

Sometimes sustainable architectural design is not shiny, high-tech or showy but instead apparent by its intrinsic nature and quiet lifetime of benefit to the occupants by fostering warm, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and resilient homes. This is the power of thoughtful and hollistic building design.

Green roofs are our particular favourite, combining cost-effective materials with a wonderful and delightful result. An unconventional roof that provides superior insulation, enhances biodiversity, and offers a delightful green view.


Lush green roof on an rear extension in Surrey. Can be combined with rooflights and oak fascias to be a crisp modern finish to the project. Modern extensive green roof extension


While achieving net-zero energy custom homes may not be the immediate aspiration for all our clients, we recognise the importance of taking proactive steps towards a more sustainable future.  We can offer guidance for all construction projects to help prioritise budget allocations to optimise energy efficiency and achieve a comfortable living space. Our expertise lies in identifying cost-effective measures that give significant long-term savings in energy costs while ensuring a warm and cosy home throughout the year.

To delve deeper into our sustainability philosophy, download our Early Concept Stage Sustainability Guide. This resource will illuminate the ways in which we seamlessly integrate sustainability into our architectural firm’s design process, ensuring that every project contributes to a greener, more environmentally conscious future.