Architectural Services for Homeowners

We are a small, vibrant, client-centric architectural design studio which specialises in homes and homes for homeowners (not big developers!).  From initial consultations and measured surveys to design development, planning application submissions, drafting detailed building control drawings, and construction documentation, we provide a comprehensive, professional and personalised service that caters to your unique needs, budget, and site considerations.

We believe in transparency and predictability in our pricing structure. That’s why we offer fixed fees for each stage of the project, accompanied by clear and concise explanations of the outcomes of each stage. Unlike many other architecture firms that charge a percentage of the final construction cost, we provide upfront certainty and highly competitive pricing. This approach ensures that our advice remains impartial and focused solely on your best interests.

Every project is unique, and we recognise the personal significance of each undertaking. We begin by meeting with you to thoroughly understand your vision, aspirations, and constraints. Based on this in-depth consultation, we provide a complimentary quote for our residential design services, broken down into clear stages.

Our flexible pay-as-you-go fee structure allows you to engage our architectural services at a pace that suits your financial planning. We are committed to providing tailored residential architectural solutions that suit you.

We provide clients with clear guides to help with every step of the process. Here a flow chart of the design and development process to help visually explain the path and goals of each stage.  We believe clients are happier when the process is clear, and they are fully engaged with the evolution of the design and the development of the scheme.

By choosing our transparent pricing approach, you can rest assured that you are receiving expert architectural design guidance without any hidden fees or conflicts of interest. We are committed to building trust and fostering a collaborative partnership with you throughout your project.


Our Services:

  • Home extension design: Expand your living space with thoughtfully designed extensions that seamlessly integrate with your existing home.
  • Multiple extension and/or phased work planning: We carefully plan complex extension projects, ensuring a smooth and efficient build.
  • Whole house renovations: Embark on a complete home transformation, creating spaces that reflects your family’s evolving needs and preferences.
  • Planning Applications: Navigate the complexities of planning applications with our expert guidance.
  • Building Regulation Approval: Ensure your project adheres to all applicable building regulations with our comprehensive support.
  • Sustainable upgrades and alterations: Embrace eco-friendly design principles and reduce your environmental footprint with our sustainable solutions.

We help make the design process easy and straightforward, offering you design options which can be updated and adapted following your feedback and input. As we work on a fixed fee our advice is tailored and appropriate for your home and its context, it is impartial and offered to help best meet your brief.

Take a look at our FAQs here, and let us know if you have any questions!


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Stage 0-1:

Site Investigation, Client Brief and Measured Survey:


Measured surveys are essential for projects involving existing buildings. Accurate drawings are crucial for informed decision-making and effective design. The measured survey serves as the foundation for all subsequent drawings.

The survey records building information included plans, elevations, key heights, and dimensions, encompassing ceiling heights, stairs/steps, windows, and door sizes, resulting in a precise set of drafted CAD (computer-aided-design) drawings.

We conduct a thorough site evaluation, gathering all relevant information, including planning history, homeowners’ surveys, underground utilities, sewerage services, and any existing property issues. This comprehensive assessment ensures a complete understanding of the site, allowing for informed decisions throughout the design and construction process.

Following the site survey, we collaboratively create a comprehensive client brief that encapsulates your unique needs, preferences, and aspirations for your new extension, remodelling, renovation or interior layout modifications. This document serves as the cornerstone of the design process, ensuring that every proposed design aligns with the vision for your transformed home.

Investment: from £950

Stage 2-3:

Scheme Design with Planning Application:


This stage fosters a continuous feedback loop between us, the architects, and you, the homeowners, as we work together to refine and collaborate on a design that aligns with your needs and aesthetic preferences. We strive to present two to three distinct design options, each thoughtfully responding to your brief, the existing house, and the unique characteristics of the site.

We provide outline cost estimates and assess whether a planning application is necessary or if the project falls under homeowner permitted development rights. We prepare clear, high-quality drawing packages for Planning Application Submission, effectively conveying the proposed project while showcasing the home extension or renovation design quality. When required, we create compelling Design and Access statements in support of the Planning Application and complete all necessary forms and documents for submission.

With over a decade of experience with Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, and Somerset Planning Departments, our extensive expertise ensures that your project meets all regulatory requirements. We also assist with Lawful Development Certificates and Conservation Area Consent applications.

Investment: from £1450

Stage 4:

Building Regulation Drawings (“Light Technical Drawings”):


To guarantee that the proposed works adhere to all applicable Building Regulations, we prepare the necessary drawings for submission to Building Control. This technical package provides essential detailing information to facilitate construction and ensure compliance with current Building Regulations. It is well-suited for “typical or standard works” that do not involve unconventional materials, design features, or elements.

Building Control Approval can be obtained through either “Full Plans” or “Building Notice.” For all but the most minor projects, the “Full Plans” method is strongly recommended. This comprehensive drawing package serves as a valuable tool for obtaining contractor/builder quotes as it provides an outline of the project’s construction methodology.

Investment: from £1200


Construction Details/Technical Drawings:


These drawings provide a more comprehensive guide to the building’s construction, empowering contractors to navigate the  “junctions” of the structure and ensure the highest quality of finishes in critical areas.

It creates specific details for the roof edges, cladding, windows details, thresholds and more. These drawings are essential for elements that deviate from standard construction practices, such as timber cladding, flush thresholds, green or zinc roofs, large dormers, special windows, or timber structures.  We draw these details to precisely convey the assembly of these building materials and elements, facilitating a swift and efficient construction process on-site.  This comprehensive approach is recommended for all projects, except for the most straightforward ones.

For enhanced cost certainty during the quoting process, we can provide a comprehensive Specification/Schedule of Works, delving into even greater depths of detail.

Investment: from £1200

CGI – Architectural Visualisations and VR:


Enhance your understanding of the project’s scale and spatial arrangement before construction begins with our architectural visualisation service. We can simulate sunlight to allow you to visualise the light within the space. Additionally, we can provide renderings of the spaces and potential furniture layouts to aid in your design decisions. External renderings are also available, showcasing the impact of the construction and extensions on the overall property. This service is particularly beneficial for clients seeking confirmation of the spaces’ appearance and feel before construction commences.

This optional three-dimensional service is offered to all our homeowner clients who require design assistance, as it facilitates effective communication and design development. We can produce multiple images throughout the design process to ensure clarity of discussion and decision-making.

For an even more immersive experience, we offer Virtual Reality (VR) modelling with headset presentations. This allows clients to virtually walk through the proposed space, exploring it from various angles and gaining a clear sense of scale and proportion. The fully furnished VR models provide a realistic representation of the finished space, enabling clients to truly envision their dream home.

Learn more and see examples here:

Investment: From £950

On Site Support:

We are also able to offer assistance with

Tendering: Gaining accurate contractor quotes

Site inspections: Monitoring and inspecting progress

Contract administration: Managing the relationship and payments between you and your contractor

From £85 per hour for site visits