Lacey Architecture

Lacey Architecture is a young, open-minded architectural design company passionate about residential design. Each project is approached by considering your requirements, context and your budget. We listen to our client’s requirements and provide a high level of practical support and advice throughout, particularly for those who haven’t built or extended previously. As well as a quick turnaround and pragmatic approach for those in the construction industry or with more experience.

We combine fresh contemporary thinking with an unusually high level of hands on practical experience. We love buildings that are logical, economical and straightforward to build, while layering details in a considered and practical manner.

We have a passion for practical, achievable sustainability without relying on expensive ‘bolt-ons’. Cohesive design and considering the surroundings allows the building to be responsive and complement the context.

We are able to assist with survey drawings, planning/lawful development packages, Building Regulation and construction drawings for all scales of residential and commercial design.

We can meet to discuss your plans and ideas then provide a free quote for our design services broken down into clear stages.

Please contact us for information or to discuss your project.

Design, Planning & Construction

We are a small, vibrant company with a number of different skills. From initial discussion, measured survey, design development and planning submission through to detailed Building Control and construction drawings.

We can provide guidance on aspects of the building process; design and drawings, planning and permitted development applications, party wall issues, finding a builder, budget and costings, building regulations etc.

We provide a personal but professional, hands-on approach, considering your brief, budget and site at all stages of work.


  • Building stages are simply explained in clear terms.

  • Fixed price quote gives fee cost certainty.

  • Fully Insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Evening and weekend meetings available. 

  • Architect & ARB Registered

We provide clear fixed prices for our work broken down into stages, with the work in each stage clearly explained. Unlike many others, we do not work on a percentage of the final build cost. Instead, we provide a quote with fixed fees at the outset to give you fee cost certainty, as well as a highly competitive quote.  We provide a flexible pay-as-you-go service, so you can simply use us for the bits you can’t do or the for the whole project if that suits you better.

We can help with any size home improvement project – kitchen extensions, total house refurbishments, single/double storey extensions, bathroom design, kitchen design, interior design etc.

  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Architectural Services.

  • Free no obligation quote.

  • Friendly, honest and approachable –  architecture without stuffiness!

  • All projects considered – get in contact!

Our Services

Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

Venturing into the world of video with a quick rundown of our latest design presentation!

Architects typically favour images over video, and I`ll admit, I`m a bit apprehensive about this new approach. However, my passion for every project and the transformational impact we have on our clients` homes is unwavering.

So, I decided to give video a shot, hoping to better capture the essence of our design presentation and showcase its value for clients navigating their home improvement options. Fingers crossed for a successful debut!

#communication #architectureadvice #designconsultation #homeupgrade #houserenovation #dontmoveimprove

Turning houses into dream homes, one renovation at a time! 🪄✨

We`re excited to be working on a whole house renovation for a young family, who are ready to transform their charming but challenging home into a functional and family-friendly haven. You see, their current home has two steep staircases, a tricky floor layout, and not enough storage space – not exactly ideal for a growing family.

But fear not, we have been hard at work conjuring up two renovation options that address all of the family`s needs without sacrificing the home`s unique character. Even with the constraints of the existing structure and no additional floor area (renovation only, no extensions), we`ve managed to create two distinct options that will truly transform this house into a dream home.

We can`t wait to unveil these remarkable designs to our clients next week and embark on a journey to bring them to life! Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!


Weekend Artistic Endeavors

Over the past few years, I`ve been delving into the fascinating world of linocutting and printing. I enjoy exploring the medium`s versatility, and the diverse textures and finishes it offers.

While the seemingly endless stream of T-shirt image requests from friends and family keeps me busy! Always the bizarre and obscure prints (1910 motorbike logos, to old narrow boats...!).

Here are more straight forward set of linocut prints on cards, perfect as handmade Christmas gifts.

#linocut #architectatplay #artisticendeavours #linoprint #linoprinting #artistatheart

Timber frame new build taking shape, despite the rain!

We`re making great progress on this stunning new build, and despite the recent weather challenges, we`re on track to make it watertight soon.

We can`t wait to see this beautiful home come to life, and we`re excited to share the journey with you.

#timberframe #newbuild #progress #despitetherain #watertightsoon

In between the rain this week we started this new project in Saltford.

The owners of this bright beautifully finished semi-detached home are looking for a modest rear extension to help improve the flow around the back of the house.

The house was thoroughly renovated in 2012 and finished to a beautiful standard, this will be the last addition and tweak the clients need to enjoy another decade in this loved home.