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Lacey Architecture is a young, client-centric and open-minded architectural design company passionate about home design. Each project is approached by considering your requirements, context and your budget. We listen to our client’s requirements and provide a high level of practical support and advice throughout, particularly for those who haven’t built or extended previously. As well as a quick turnaround and pragmatic approach for those in the construction industry or with more experience.

We combine fresh contemporary thinking with an unusually high level of hands on practical experience. We love buildings that are logical, economical and straightforward to build, while layering details in a considered and practical manner.

We have a passion for practical, achievable sustainability without relying on expensive ‘bolt-ons’. Cohesive design and considering the surroundings allows the building to be responsive and complement the context.

We are able to assist with survey drawings, planning applications, Building Regulation Compliance and construction drawings for all scales of home design.

We can meet to discuss your plans and ideas then provide a free quote for our design services broken down into clear stages.

Please contact us for information or to discuss your project.

Design, Planning & Construction

Lacey Architecture is a small, vibrant company with a wealth of skills and experience in residential architecture. We offer a comprehensive range of architectural services, from initial discussions and measured surveys to detailed building control and construction drawings. We also provide guidance on all aspects of the building process, including design, planning, permitted development,  finding a builder, budget and costings, building regulations, and more.

We take a personal yet professional approach to each project, ensuring that your brief, budget, and site are considered at every stage.

We can assist you with any size home improvement project, from small kitchen extensions and bathroom renovations to extensive total house refurbishments. We also specialise in single-story and double-story home extensions, as well as interior design services that complement your architectural vision.


  • Building stages are simply explained in clear terms.

  • Simple and fixed pricing gives fee cost certainty.

  • Fully Insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Evening and weekend meetings available to accommodate your schedule. 

  • Architect & ARB Registered

We provide clear fixed prices for our work broken down into stages, with the work in each stage clearly explained. Unlike many other architectural firms, we do not work on a percentage of the final build cost. Instead, we provide a quote with fixed fees at the outset, giving you fee cost certainty and a highly competitive price. Our flexible pay-as-you-go service allows you to utilise our services as needed, whether it’s for specific tasks or for the entire project.

At Lacey Architecture, we pride ourselves on being friendly, honest, and approachable. We strive to provide a hassle-free and stress-free experience for our clients, ensuring that their architectural dreams become a reality.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Lacey Architecture to discuss your home improvement project. We’re excited to help you create the home of your dreams.



  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Architectural Services.

  • Free no obligation quote.

  • Friendly, honest and approachable –  architecture without stuffiness!

  • All projects considered – get in contact!

Our Services

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"Helped" some friends out at the weekend.
Unfortunately digger lessons weren`t a part of architectural education.

I`m painfully slow and have to concentrate far too hard! Definitely would be bad value on a day rate, think I`ll stick to the day job!

Renewed appreciation for skilled drivers working in tight, steep and challenging sites!

Mostly enjoyed the fabulous weather and an excuse to "help" in the sun!

Why Choose Lacey Architecture?

1. Listening

I truly listen to my clients, not all architects are good at this. I diligently document your project brief and ensure that my design options carefully address it. Not only do I meet your expectations, I exceed them.


3. We Work Around You

I adopt modern and flexible work methods that prioritise your convenience. My focus on a healthy work-life balance keeps me energized and enthusiastic about your project. I offer flexible meeting times to accommodate your schedule, even if it means evenings after your children’s bedtime.


5. Prudent Budget Management

I’m mindful of your budget and manage it carefully from the outset. I continuously monitor costs throughout the project, ensuring that ambitious designs align with your financial limitations. This approach saves you time and money.


7. Extensive Planning Experience

With over 10 years of experience working with planning departments in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, and Somerset (4+ years in Shropshire), I ensure that your project seamlessly meets all regulatory requirements. My expertise helps navigate the complexities of planning applications, ensuring a smooth and successful project.


9. Clarity and Open Communication

I prioritise open communication and flexibility, tailoring my services to your specific needs and preferences. I clearly explain building stages in straightforward terms, and the fee quote for design services is broken down into transparent stages. This approach ensures that you’re fully informed and involved throughout the process.


11. Me

I am a genuinely good and honest person who is passionate about my work. I am enthusiastic and excited about each project, finding joy in design from small details to large features.  I dedicate my full efforts to delivering the best possible results for my clients.

2. Quality over Quantity

I prioritise quality over quantity. I handle a limited number of projects, ensuring that each one receives the undivided attention it deserves. The satisfaction of completing a project that surpasses expectations is more important to me than simply getting projects through the door.


4. Practical Expertise

Thanks to my extensive personal hands-on experience in home renovations, extensions, and large-scale home projects, I’ve gained a high level of practical experience in DIY. This first-hand understanding of the practicalities of construction allows me to guide you effectively and gives me an on the ground insight into the practicalities of completing the work.

6. Competitive Fees

I’ve tailored the business model to keep overhead costs low, allowing me to pass on these savings to my clients in the form of competitive fees. The fixed-price quotes and flexible pay-as-you-go structure provide you with fee certainty. Yet, despite my commitment to affordability, I never compromise on quality.

8. Sustainability: Lowering Bills for a Better Planet

While sustainability may not be the top priority for all clients, we all benefit from lower energy bills, which also contributes to environmental sustainability. I help you create a warm and comfortable home through thoughtful design, without relying on expensive add-ons. Passionate about practical and achievable environmental design and sustainability, I incorporate these principles into my designs without compromising aesthetics or functionality.


10. 3D Design, Modelling & VR: Visualise Your Dream Home

I offer 3D design and virtual modelling to help you visualise your dream home before it’s built. This includes interactive walkthroughs or a fully immersive VR experience, which you can explore on your smartphone or tablet. I believe in an inclusive design process and utilise new technology to make it accessible to all. The goal is to ensure that our clients are fully involved and understand the design thoroughly.


Ready to Get Started?

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If you would like to discuss a home improvement project, including remodelling, extending or renovating, email or call us, and we will get back to you promptly.


Our first step will be to discuss your project and then book an on site meeting at your property.

We want to get out, meet with you, learn what you need, see your house and get excited with you about the possibilities!


Lacey Architecture offers a flexible and transparent approach to architectural services, committed to providing high-quality design and service. Our free quote for design services is broken down into clear, transparent stages, ensuring you are fully informed every step of the way.

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