Stage 4d. Interior Design

Our comprehensive interior design service covers:

  • Overview mood/style boards: Get a clear vision of your dream space with initial mood boards that capture the overall feel and style
  • Tackling specific challenges: We identify and address any spatial or functional challenges you may have in your room.
  • Colour scheme(s): We’ll develop colour palettes that suit your preferences and enhance the space.
  • 2D room layout and suggestions: Receive detailed 2D plans with furniture placement and layout suggestions. (Optional: Add 3D visualisations for a more immersive experience – available in Stage 3b)
  • Flooring suggestions: Recommended flooring options that complement your overall design and meet your practical needs.
  • Full kitchen and bathroom specification: Get detailed specifications for all your kitchen and bathroom elements, including worktops, taps, appliances, tiles, and bathroom fittings.
  • Joinery drawings for built-in furniture: Technical drawings for any custom-built furniture, ensuring a seamless fit.
  • Recommendations for key furnishings, lighting, and wall finishes: Receive expert advice on furniture selection, lighting plans, and wall finishes to complete your space.
  • Schedule of Finishes: This comprehensive document will list all the recommended finishes, allowing you to obtain accurate quotes from contractors.
  • Purchase list: We will provide a curated list for all your key finishing touches, including lighting, paint colours, flooring, fittings, and soft furnishings.
  • Stress-free decision-making: Throughout the process, we’ll guide you through decisions, making the experience enjoyable and empowering.
  • Clear vision and direction: The final outcome will leave you confident and excited about the transformation of your space.

Included in Stage 4d:

  • An interior design briefing with flashcards to understand client interior preferences.
  • A design presentation to discuss finishes and present ideas.
  • Detailed floor plans with proposed layout illustrating zones, themes, colours, and internal finishes.
  • Design development images, drawing out design and answer interior concerns.
  • Full kitchen/bathroom specification: including worktops, taps, appliances, tiles, and bathrooms fittings.
  • Living room/bedroom specification: Flooring/carpet/rugs, soft furnishings, decorations, fabrics/window dressings.
  • 1:20 joinery drawings for built-in furniture
  • Recommendations for key furnishings, lighting, flooring and wall finishes
  • Purchase List (where the elements can be sourced and their price)


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Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

Spring is finally tiptoeing in (weather permitting!), and we`re excited to share a sneak peek of our latest project.

These keen gardeners have a beautiful home adorned with stunning Hellebores. This week, we`ll be diving into creating sketch designs to fulfil their dreams of a bright home office, a functional utility/boot room, and a sleek new ground floor shower.

They`re not looking for cookie-cutter solutions – they want a space that reflects their unique personality and lifestyle. We can`t wait to explore the possibilities and bring their vision to life! ✨