Stage 4a Building Regulation Compliance

This stage provides the basic information to facilitate the build and to comply with current Building Regulations.

Once the planning application has been submitted, the next step following approval is to gain Building Control Approval (or Building Regulation Compliance).  This ensures that what is built is in line with the current building regulations; these are concerned with structure, insulation levels and drainage rather than the form or the design.

This stage offers “light” technical information only, this is suitable for “typical or standard works” with no unusual materials/elements or design features.  This provides a drawing package for “full plans” submission to Building Control. Two rounds of minor scheme amendments are included if necessary. This also includes acting as principal designer for the pre-construction stages required by CDM 2015 (health and safety legislation).


What to Expect - Detailed Drawings

As well as developing the architectural drawings, our role also involves co-ordinating the other professionals who may be required for your project.


Structural Engineering:

The stage 4a drawing package illustrates Building Regulation Compliance. As part of the information, structural calculations may also be required, for example the sizing of any structural details, foundations, lintels etc. We can engage a local structural engineer (their fees would be payable separately) to quote, consult and provide specification and structural calculations required.

Depending on the type of project, a trial pit may be required by the engineer. This is important when extending existing buildings, particularly those built pre 1974 to understand the existing foundations and soil. You can dig this yourself or request a contractor/builder to dig a small excavation. The engineer will confirm if this is required, the location and size.



We recommend clients wait for Planning Permission to be granted prior to Stage 4a. Otherwise, a large amount of work can be undertaken to draw a detailed information package for a design that has not yet gained approval.  However, sometimes we can start work on Stage 4a during the 8-week planning decision period at your request (there is a degree of risk; please mention if this is your favoured route).



If the project requires building work within 3m of a shared sewer a “build near” or “build over” agreement with Wessex Water or other local water supplier may be needed. A fee applies of £325 for their inspection and approval.  It may be necessary to undertake a CCTV survey regarding the location of public sewers that fall within 3m of the proposed building works.  Fees for this are payable directly to the Local Water Authority.


Conservation Areas:

For work within Conservation Areas, even if planning permission is not required for the proposed building, it may be required for the demolition, known as “relevant demolition”. For example, to demolish any gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure with: a height of one metre or more if next to a highway (including a public footpath or bridleway), waterway or open space; or a height of two metres or more elsewhere.


Building Control:

Once this package is complete, it can be submitted to either the Council’s Building Control department, or an independent Building Control Company. The costs are very similar, but the private companies tend to be much quicker and more proactive, we strongly recommend this route. We have used Total Building Control in Bath with some regularity. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for the detailed drawing package to be checked by Building Control. On a minimum timescale, once this package is approved, construction on site can begin (assuming there are no pre-commencement planning conditions).

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Spring is finally tiptoeing in (weather permitting!), and we`re excited to share a sneak peek of our latest project.

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