Stages 0-1. Preparation, Survey and Brief 

We start with a measured survey of the critical areas of the existing house (and any current extensions if applicable), with drawings forming the basis of the design work and future construction details and estimates.  A brief created from our discussion on site following the survey. This will establish your needs, preferences and requirements for the new extension and/or interior layout changes. This forms our brief document which guides the whole process, and clearly outlines the scope of work.

What to Expect on the Day

On the survey day,  we require access to most of the house to measure, this usually takes between 3 – 8 hours complete. We can work around you at the house, or you can be out for the day, as suits your schedule. On the day, if you will be at the house, we will discuss where to start to best suit you (if you are home working and have meetings planned etc). Ideally, we need to gain access to any manholes or sewer/drainage covers, if not possible; we may need information about the location, size, and pipe arrangement.

We will also request any information and working drawings from previous work to the house and your current energy data/bills. Directly following the survey, we will discuss your brief together (or this can occur online at another time/day to suit your schedule). We will include your priorities and requirements to ensure a full understanding of your needs.  A first draft of the brief will then be emailed to allow for amendment and further consideration. A refined version of the brief is then emailed across for your final approval.


As we round up this first stage we will produce your own personalised, interactive project Gantt chart:


Included in Stage 0-1:

  • Survey the relevant areas of the existing house or structure.
  • One meeting to discuss the brief directly following the survey (or online at a time to suit your schedule).
  • Writing up the brief, amendments and submission for client sign off.
  • Drawing up the existing building plans and elevations in format required for Local Authority planning submission.

Next Stage:

Architects can work to great effect if given a clear brief/scope, but also some flexibility and freedom to explore ideas. This works well when combined with clients providing clear feedback on the designs presented, allowing the project to evolve as we work together.

Design, Planning & Construction

We are a small, vibrant company with a number of different skills. From initial discussion, measured survey, design development and planning submission through to detailed Building Control and construction drawings.

We can provide guidance on aspects of the building process; design and drawings, planning and permitted development applications, party wall issues, finding a builder, budget and costings, building regulations etc.

We provide a personal but professional, hands-on approach, considering your brief, budget and site at all stages of work.


  • Building stages are simply explained in clear terms.

  • Fixed price quote gives fee cost certainty.

  • Fully Insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Evening and weekend meetings available. 

  • Architect & ARB Registered

We provide clear fixed prices for our work broken down into stages, with the work in each stage clearly explained. Unlike many others, we do not work on a percentage of the final build cost. Instead, we provide a quote with fixed fees at the outset to give you fee cost certainty, as well as a highly competitive quote.  We provide a flexible pay-as-you-go service, so you can simply use us for the bits you can’t do or the for the whole project if that suits you better.

We can help with any size home improvement project – kitchen extensions, total house refurbishments, single/double storey extensions, bathroom design, kitchen design, interior design etc.

  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Architectural Services.

  • Free no obligation quote.

  • Friendly, honest and approachable –  architecture without stuffiness!

  • All projects considered – get in contact!

Our Services

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Unfortunately digger lessons weren`t a part of architectural education.

I`m painfully slow and have to concentrate far too hard! Definitely would be bad value on a day rate, think I`ll stick to the day job!

Renewed appreciation for skilled drivers working in tight, steep and challenging sites!

Mostly enjoyed the fabulous weather and an excuse to "help" in the sun!