Stage 3c. Immersive Virtual Reality Modelling (Additional Option)

Rendered, interactive models are sent across for you to explore on your tablet/smartphone. A headset is provided which can carry your smartphone to enable a fully immersive experience­­. This is offered as an option in addition to the standard 3D modelling.


This means that you can navigate around the rooms yourself, this also works with virtual reality by moving the device around to give a sense of the space. This can also be used within a VR headset (also provided new for each client household) setup to hold your smartphone and allow you to look around the virtual room.   (N.B: only android phones currently allow full headset mode, although iphone still support VR and allow the model to be explored easily, in detail, on your phone).

Quick Start – Using the Kubity Go app


You get best use of the app if you can physically move the device around to get different views of the space, so it is recommended to use your smartphone or a tablet.  Find the free Kubity Go app on your phone or tablet’s app store.

Download the app to your device. Open the app. (You don’t need to allow notifications or give the app access to your camera or photos in order to view the architectural model shared with you.) Once you have downloaded the app, go to the email sent to you containing the link to your model.

Here a sample link of a demo model: to allow you to explore the app beforehand.  Click on the URL for the model, and it will take you to the app. Click ‘open in app’, your model will load.


You can share the model with anyone who has the link, making it fun to show and share with friends and family.


Change your view using the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen to Virtual Reality. Touch the screen to see a menu at the bottom of the page (if you can’t already see it) and select Tour. You can move through the plan by touching the screen and also by clicking the scene at the bottom of the page.


The photoreal image may take a little while to load in each scene, but it’s worth waiting for!


Move your device to see the plan from all sorts of different angles to reveal details you may not have seen in the plans before.

Optional 3D Standard Modelling:

Building Regulation Compliance:

Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

New project: This charming 1930s bungalow has loads of potential!

We`ll be working with the clients to create a beautiful and functional family home, designed for modern living. The existing layout is a little convoluted (long walk from the kitchen to the W/C, quicker to walk through the garden!), but we can`t wait to unlock its full potential!

Dreaming of a big family living space, spacious first-floor master suite, and equally sized bedrooms for the kids to grow into. ✨ #homeextensions #batharchitect #1930sbungalow #familyhome

Spring is finally tiptoeing in (weather permitting!), and we`re excited to share a sneak peek of our latest project.

These keen gardeners have a beautiful home adorned with stunning Hellebores. This week, we`ll be diving into creating sketch designs to fulfil their dreams of a bright home office, a functional utility/boot room, and a sleek new ground floor shower.

They`re not looking for cookie-cutter solutions – they want a space that reflects their unique personality and lifestyle. We can`t wait to explore the possibilities and bring their vision to life! ✨