Stage 3b. Computer 3D Modelling (Optional)

3D modelling can facilitate your involvement in the design process and helps to create visual understanding of the proposed space.  The modelling can create clear images of the proposed spaces.  It is possible to model the light and shadows at any given time in the year, or help you picture the internal space with furnishings/kitchen fittings providing views of the spaces. Walkthroughs in the proposed space(s) and showing sun tracking are included.  A video walkthrough is provided, as well as 2D printed exports of the spaces from key views.

This creates some exciting images that provide a helpful discussion/talking point, either during the design process or for clients to show friends/family etc.

The modelling is updated in line with the drawings to help you see the affect of any changes and amendments. It helps highlight the effects on light and space as well as allowing ideas to be “tried out”.


Design Stage Information:

Full Virtual Reality:

Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

"Helped" some friends out at the weekend.
Unfortunately digger lessons weren`t a part of architectural education.

I`m painfully slow and have to concentrate far too hard! Definitely would be bad value on a day rate, think I`ll stick to the day job!

Renewed appreciation for skilled drivers working in tight, steep and challenging sites!

Mostly enjoyed the fabulous weather and an excuse to "help" in the sun!