Stage 2-3. Scheme Design & Planning Application

This stage will form a feedback loop between us – working to develop a design that meets your needs as well as aesthetic requirements. This includes time and expenses for one site meeting at the property to discuss the proposals (or online in line with current government advice).  This will also include our time for one meeting/one round of correspondence with the planning officer for pre-application advice, if required/available. Followed by all architectural work required for a Planning Submission. Three rounds of scheme amendments are included.


Below example images of design presentation materials for residential extensions/renovation.

The Process

This is the exciting bit where the possibilities are explored and can then be presented for discussion!


A sketch schemes are created (usually with 2-3 options) which are drawn in plan and elevation (if required).   A 3D virtual model is available as an option to help you visualise the space (more information here).


A design presentation meeting is setup (or zoom meeting) to discuss the sketch schemes with precedent and example images to help illustrate ideas. These help explore materials, window/door arrangements and the quality of the light in the space, finishes and detailed to get excited about!


Following client feedback, one design option is developed and refined with images and revised drawings sent to you on a regular basis.  As the design is finalised, additional supplementary drawings/information are readied for the planning application submission (if required).

Included in Stage 2-3:

  • Time for the design and development of the scheme
  • One design presentation meeting on site to discuss ideas.
  • A maximum of 3 rounds of drawing amendments are included in the fee to finalise the design.
  • Drawing package as required for Local Authority planning application


Previous Survey Stage:

Optional Modelling Stages:

Client feedback gathered at the end of Stage 2-3


“From the start it’s really felt like you’ve been properly interested in the project and have put the effort in to solve problems and make the most of our limited space whilst taking into account both our aesthetics and the practicalities of life.

Paul and Jo – Weston


I really enjoyed going through the drawings.  You explained them really well and helped us visualise what you were thinking.  I don’t think there’s anything I’d say you could improve at! “

Alex and James – Saltford


“We really liked the extra elements proposed (Crittall style windows inside) the curved wall, lights etc. We were not expecting to receive ideas for lighting and detailed interior layouts. You really listened to us and our family’s needs. We were pleased with the ideas, and the presentation exceeded our expectations.

Claire – Bathampton

Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

"Helped" some friends out at the weekend.
Unfortunately digger lessons weren`t a part of architectural education.

I`m painfully slow and have to concentrate far too hard! Definitely would be bad value on a day rate, think I`ll stick to the day job!

Renewed appreciation for skilled drivers working in tight, steep and challenging sites!

Mostly enjoyed the fabulous weather and an excuse to "help" in the sun!