Bespoke Home for an Unconventional Brief

This project challenged us to create a two-bedroom home in a conservation area while prioritising a truly exceptional garage for the client’s prized vehicles. The goal was to design and construct a dwelling that not only met the client’s living requirements but also provided a secure space for their cherished classic cars and motorbikes – all within a modest budget of £150,000.

We embarked on this unique endeavour by carefully analysing the client’s aspirations and the constraints of the conservation area. The result was an ingenious design that seamlessly incorporated the garage into the overall structure, transforming it into a haven for the client’s automotive passions.

The garage boasts ample space for the classic Lotus, the classic Land Rover, and the motorbike collection, ensuring their safe and secure storage. The design features meticulous attention to detail, from the polished concrete floors and exposed timber frame to the carefully selected lighting and ventilation systems.

The living spaces were carefully designed to complement the garage, creating a harmonious balance between the client’s automotive interests and their domestic needs. The two-bedroom home will exude warmth and comfort, providing a tranquil retreat for the client to unwind and connect with their loved ones.

This bespoke home stands as a testament to our ability to transform unconventional briefs into exceptional living spaces, seamlessly integrating the client’s passions and aspirations into a truly unique design.