The Station Master's House

We were delighted to be invited to develop proposals for the extension and renovation of a cherished Station Master’s House, a structure that has undergone significant alterations and extensions over the years. Our design approach sought to enhance the home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal while preserving its rich history.

Rather than expanding the floor area, we focused on improving the layout’s rationality, which involved relocating and modernizing the narrow, steep staircase. This critical intervention, along with the overall layout streamlining, formed the heart of our proposed design.

We prioritised creating light-filled spaces that maximized the views of the surrounding landscape. Our design centred on making the most of the existing footprint and enhancing the connection between the house and its natural surroundings. We strived to provide high-quality living spaces while maintaining a harmonious overall aesthetic.

To fully visualise the proposed changes, we created extensive 3D renderings and immersive VR experiences. These tools enabled us to provide the client with a comprehensive understanding of the project’s transformative potential.

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to move forward with this project and share updated images of the revitalized Station Master’s House.