Combe Down Renovation

Transforming a Tired Terrace into a Modern Home in Combe Down, Bath

Nestled amidst the picturesque village of Combe Down in the heart of Bath, a once tired terraced home stood as a testament to multiple owners and the effects of their DIY ministrations. Yet, within its weathered walls lay the potential for a remarkable transformation, a harmonious mix of modern design suitable for a young family and the stunning inherent historic character.

Enter Lacey Architecture, with a passion for breathing new life into forgotten spaces. With the clients, we embarked on a journey to transform this run-down terraced house into a dream home, guided by the homeowners’ aspirations and driven by a shared vision of creating a home that truly reflected their style and lifestyle.

We guided the homeowners through every step of the renovation and extension process, from initial design concepts to final completion. We created 3D renderings of the space so that the homeowners could see exactly what the finished result would look like. This ensured they were fully engaged in the decision-making process. This culminated with a planning application to Bath Council due to the requirements of the Combe Down, Conservation Area.

To achieve the desired modern aesthetic, we added a contemporary design kitchen extension amidst the traditional charm of the terraced house. Substantial modifications to the roof form and internal layout further elevated the home’s appeal, creating a sense of spaciousness and flow that maximised its potential.

Carefully selecting three reputable contractors and conducting a competitive tender process, Lacey Architecture ensured the homeowners received detailed quotes, empowering them to make informed decisions that aligned with their budget and vision.

Throughout the construction phase, we maintained unwavering oversight, ensuring every aspect of the project seamlessly integrated with the homeowners’ aspirations.   We proactively addressed any issues that arose, acting as a mediator between the homeowners and the main contractor to maintain harmony and efficiency. Regular site visits kept the clients informed and engaged, even during the period when they vacated the house for the renovation work.

Ongoing site visits kept the homeowners informed and engaged, even during the period when they temporarily vacated their home for renovation work.   The homeowners’ trust was rewarded when the project was completed, revealing a transformed terraced house that surpassed even their wildest dreams. The once tired structure now stood as a revitalised home.

The homeowners are thrilled with the finished result, now residing in a completely modernised, warm and characterful property nestled within an idyllic village location.


"Verity designed us a beautiful new home and guided us through the renovation process from start to finish."

★★★★★ Client Review:

“Having listened carefully to our requirements and taken the time to understand what we were trying to achieve, Verity designed us a beautiful new home and guided us through the renovation process from start to finish.”

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Photo Credit: Pete Helme