The Station Master's House

We were invited to develop proposals for the extension and renovation of an already much altered and extended Station Master’s House. The designs did not seek to  greatly increase the floor area, but instead proposed a modest utility and shower room extension, and significant alterations throughout to rationalise the layout of the home.

Part of this project required the narrow, steep staircase to be relocated and greatly improved, this, alongside rationalising the layout formed the core of the proposed design.


We ensured the spaces were light-filled as well as maximising the views. We focused on improving the layout of the home and making the most of the existing footprint and improving the connection of the house with its surroundings and providing high quality spaces while being conscious of the overall aesthetics.

This work was coupled with extensive 3D visuals and full immersive VR.

We look forward to moving forward with the proposals and posting updated images!