Kitchen Dining Extension - Semington, Wiltshire

Large kitchen, dining. living space extension for a growing family in Wiltshire.

The existing was perfectly formed but had a small kitchen, dining space and had an old lean-to style conservatory, which was too hot in the summer and unable in the winter.

We created a large extension, opened up the space, reconfiguring the layout and greatly improved access and views to the garden. This created a very large kitchen, dining, living space,  with a very large central island unit. The client has at least been able to find space for all her cake decoration items, which make up a favourite hobby. This made the best use of the space and maximised the daylight while creating a great family friendly room.

The house had been in the family for generations, this completed the last round of work needed to update the home. Overall, creating a fantastic modern home adapted for young children.