Lacey Architecture

Lacey Architecture is a young, open-minded architectural design company passionate about residential design. Each project is approached by considering your requirements, context and your budget. We listen to our client’s requirements and provide a high level of practical support and advice throughout, particularly for those who haven’t built or extended previously. As well as a quick turnaround and pragmatic approach for those in the construction industry or with more experience.

We combine fresh contemporary thinking with an unusually high level of hands on practical experience. We love buildings that are logical, economical and straightforward to build, while layering details in a considered and practical manner.

We have a passion for practical, achievable sustainability without relying on expensive ‘bolt-ons’. Cohesive design and considering the surroundings allows the building to be responsive and complement the context.

We are able to assist with survey drawings, planning/lawful development packages, Building Regulation and construction drawings for all scales of residential and commercial design.

We can meet to discuss your plans and ideas then provide a free quote for our design services broken down into clear stages.

Please contact us for information or to discuss your project.

Design, Planning & Construction

We are a small, vibrant company with a number of different skills. From initial discussion, measured survey, design development and planning submission through to detailed Building Control and construction drawings.

We can provide guidance on aspects of the building process; design and drawings, planning and permitted development applications, party wall issues, finding a builder, budget and costings, building regulations etc.

We provide a personal but professional, hands-on approach, considering your brief, budget and site at all stages of work.


  • Building stages are simply explained in clear terms.

  • Fixed price quote gives fee cost certainty.

  • Fully Insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Evening and weekend meetings available. 

  • Architect & ARB Registered

We provide clear fixed prices for our work broken down into stages, with the work in each stage clearly explained. Unlike many others, we do not work on a percentage of the final build cost. Instead, we provide a quote with fixed fees at the outset to give you fee cost certainty, as well as a highly competitive quote.  We provide a flexible pay-as-you-go service, so you can simply use us for the bits you can’t do or the for the whole project if that suits you better.

We can help with any size home improvement project – kitchen extensions, total house refurbishments, single/double storey extensions, bathroom design, kitchen design, interior design etc.

  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Architectural Services.

  • Free no obligation quote.

  • Friendly, honest and approachable –  architecture without stuffiness!

  • All projects considered – get in contact!

Our Services

Drawing Board and Instagram Feed

When the weather is like this, there can only be one choice for site meetings!

Been using the littlest one ahead of another date for a wedding car. Fingers crossed for a trouble free few weeks.

Can't beat it!

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Pen and paper, sometimes there is no better way!

Once we have a full measured survey, and the brief is fully discussed and signed off by the client then the coloured pens come out!

We start with the existing plans and elevations of the house, then add tracing/detailed paper and work up ideas layering up the drawings.

I use coloured pens, usually starting with a really light color and getting darker as I work up ideas or change layouts. Here I add notes around and brainstorm what is possible.

For all clients we aim to come up with at least two options, maybe showing
- different window and door layouts
- alternative kitchen locations
- completely different roof forms
- deeper/larger plans
- sometimes that only a very small extension is required with clever internal changes.
- optional utility rooms
- bonus ground floor w/c or shower rooms (great for dog washing in the winter!).

Anything which meets the brief and it's helpful for client/your consideration.
Clients then then choose the best bits from the different options and we work towards the best design.

These rough, bright coloured plans never form part of the final presentation, but they do form a key part of thinking about the project and developing ideas.

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Green roof through the first summer.

This wildflower green roof was planted up late last year, already has a full bloom of multi coloured cornflowers and tall oxidaisys!

Recently there was a family of goldfinches (4 little fledglings) feasting on the seed heads. Bending the stems over as they ate.

This is after just 7 months! Already it is starting to creating a new habitat up on the roof. Of course plants will fill out and ultimately the roof will be a sea of green coverage.

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Recently we have been working on a tricky little project to re-connect a large detached house with its garden.

Sounds simple enough?

Well, here, we will actually be removing lots of floor area to do this, while only adding just a little, perfectly formed extension.

Here, just part of our design package, the 2D drawings exploring 3 different options which all meet the brief although with different forms, plans and layouts.

Plus, our "wildcard option" gives something not at all on the brief, but maybe just too exciting for the clients to resist? We shall see!

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